Salon ConnX LLC is growing!! The excitement is building! Log on and fill out your profiles or update them with new information and pictures. Invite your industry friends to sign up to help us grow!! We are Iowa!!! And we are involved in this cutting edge website made just for you!

Kelly and I are working daily to get this information out so we can expand to the rest of Iowa, then to the surrounding states and then to the United States. So I invite you to be a part of the growth of Salon ConnX!

Kelly and I have been visiting Schools in the Metro area and Ames

Wayne Won the contest for profile set up at the American College of Hairstyling.

Kasey won the contest for filling out her profile when we visited the Iowa School of Beauty in Des Moines, Iowa.

Sid accepted the $150.00 product gift basket for drawing winner Kelsey at the PCI job fair this week in Ames, Iowa.