We are here and re-launching Salon ConnX.  Stop at Booth 1914 and say “Hi.”  Sign up today or tomorrow and be entered into a drawing to win a product basket of over $100.  Join our digital community and share your profile locally for clients and potential employees as well as your open chairs and rooms.  ConnXt to education. Showcase your career and work. ConnXt with future clients. Hop online with us and join a central location for every connXtion.

Sign up by going to www.salonconnx.com and follow the prompt

Salon ConnX, LLC., is the place where you can be a part of the industry by connecting to others. Business owners, create a profile to showcase your business. Licensed professionals, create a profile to showcase your career and show your talent and creativity. Businesses will be able to post ads for opening in your business and licensed professionals can connect with others in the industry and search for a job when needed.

Questions may be directed to info@salonconnx.com

Salon ConnX is here to help.

Join now to see how we can help you connect in the industry, create a showcase profile to promote your business and post ads for openings. Professionals, promote yourselves on SalonConnX, build your profile to showcase your career!

Salon ConnX LLC will be at the CosmoProf at Prairie Meadows hair show on March 15, 2020. Look for us and get signed up at www.salonconnx.com.

We are having a drawing for a $150.00 gift basket.

Gift basket will be loaded with products sold at CosmoProf.

To enter the drawing you need to sign up at www.salonconnx.com for one entry and for a second entry simply complete your profile on the website. Sign up early and fill out your profile completely, visit our booth and show us your profile on www.salonconnx.com to confirm your entry in the drawing and you will get 2 tickets for our drawing, one for signing up and one for a completed profile.

Licensed professionals this website has no charge to sign up! So sign up and see where this exciting new concept for our industry will take you.

Happy New Year!

Grow with us in 2020. Salon ConnX LLC invites you to sign up and join us, get involved on this cutting edge website that is designed with you in mind.

As we grow watch by signing up and checking out all of the new options that we are adding to www.salonconnx.com to help you grow in your business. Salon ConnX continues to expand our connections with Industry Suppliers, Salons, Barbershops, Suites, Spas, Licensed professionals, Sales Reps, Continuing Education, Schools, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google. Check us out on all of these social media sites!

On January 15th Salon ConnX LLC will visit Iowa School of Beauty in Ottumwa, Iowa. In December Salon ConnX was at PCI in Iowa City. The students love the idea of being able to connect with licensed professionals to expand their knowledge and be able to search for a place to work when they graduate, www.salonconnx.com helps them connect earlier in their career.

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As 2020 rolls in Salon ConnX is on the move and growing! We will be visiting more schools in Iowa, first on the list is Iowa School of Beauty in Ottumwa, Iowa on the 15th of January, we are looking forward to meeting the students that day! We will be at the CosmoProf Hair Show at Prairie Meadows on March 15th, look for us and we will help you get signed up and enter you in the drawing for our gift basket of products valued at $150.00.

Today Kelly and I will be at CosmoProf from 11-4 during their 10% off everything sale. We will have treats and a drawing for a $100 gift basket to enter if you sign up on www.salonconnx.com and a second entry for the gift basket if your profile is completed.

Stop in and sign up or sign up online and send a note to info@salonconnx.com and you can be entered into the drawing if you are signed up and a second entry if your profile is filled out. The benefits of being on salonconnx.com are exposure to others in our industry for looking for a job, or posting a job for rental or employment, and also for networking with each other. We are working on getting a list of classes for education and con ed hours.

We hope to see you today and get you on the same page through the same page!

Sign up, set up your profile, search the directory (welcome emails will be sent to help walk you though each step)

The Salon ConnX team is working everyday to help you! With the holidays in full swing, let us help with filling chairs, rooms and spaces.

Salon ConnX will be at the CosmoProf Trend Inspiration-Des Moines IA. At Prairie Meadows Casino, Racetrack and Hotel- Altoona Iowa. March 15,2020. Look for us!

To waive $10 sign up contact Linda at info@salonconnx.com

Go to the Log in tab on the gray bar if you are on a tablet or computer. If you are on your phone just simply go to find your solution just above then to log in.

Fill out your profile.

As we visit Salons, Barbershops, Spas and Suite owners, the desire to see the completed profile is overwhelming, So we ask you to log in, update and/or complete you profiles. The showcased profiles with information and pictures are the ones owners tap on to view what your work looks like and what your qualifications are. No one is tapping on the profiles that are just names. We are visiting new businesses every week.

  1. Go to www.salonconnx.com
  2. Find sign up button on gray bar, tap on it.
  3. If you are a licensed industry professional, industry owner or an industry student, choose the one that best describes you and tap on it.
  4. Once you choose the right option for you, there will be a red sign up button, click on it.
  5. Completely fill out the registration form if you don’t know what to put in a box either contact us at info@salonconnx.com or enter N/A. License numbers are required, we do verify for active licenses.
  6. If you are a student you will leave the license box empty. Contact us when you graduate and become licensed to update this.
  7. Username may be your email if you would like.
  8. Password must have at least one capital letter and one number and be at least 8 digits long.
  9. Use the coupon code to waive the $10 fee in the payment section.
  10. Coupon code scappfeewaivedx
  11. Continue to fill out the information in the next section
  12. Once complete wait for your approval email to come to you.
  13. Then log in and fill out you profile completely to either showcase yourself as a licensed professional or owners purchase a membership package and begin showcasing your business and post openings whether it be for chair/room rental or employment.
  14. This will be a great networking tool exclusive to our industry and is the first of its kind.