NEW AND IMPROVED!! Salon ConnX knows the challenges you have had during the past year. We also have had our own challenges and chose this past year to improve the website that we built specifically for you! We are excited to share some new website features.

  1. More User Friendly
  2. Clients can now FIND YOU on the home page.
  3. Have potential employees find you with a “hiring” tag on your home page business profile for just a small fee.
  4. Behind the scenes
    • Communicate with your industry peers in a newsfeed format
    • Share ideas
    • Share resources
    • Share yours or other educational opportunities


  • Update your business
  • Add the hours of operation
  • Add the services you offer



Take your profile with you and keep in touch with what is happening in the industry right at your fingertips.


Licensed professionals are always free to become a member. Create your personal profile to showcase your abilities and qualifications. Industry businesses will have the capability of showcasing their business and post ads for openings within their business with a small membership fee. This fee will give you the visibility to the general public also for client connections.

Just visit the website for more information.

We are excited about 2021 and plan to attend as many industry shows as possible. We are very excited to attend and meet you! The year of 2020 was hard on us all, but we are strong and will persevere!

We truly are excited to ignite our industry with this connection tool to help us all grow by helping each other.


Join now to see what’s new and on

Connecting our industry is what we do. Licensed professionals… joining is free! Join now and created your profile to showcase your career.


How are things going? Let’s work together to rebuild our businesses! Join and grow with us!

Industry business:

Salon ConnX LLC., can help you grow your business by connecting with the right person to work in your business. Post an ad in a showcase or display membership. Showcase your business.

Industry professionals: join to connect with your industry, search for job openings or chair rentals and showcase your qualifications. Join today, there is no charge for you to create a profile in our first ever website that will encompass everything in our industry to help you grow.


Get organized now to feel prepared and confident about reopening!

Are you ready?

Operation Being Prepared

Organize a salon deep cleaning day, set up sanitizing station for ease of use. Go over what you will do as you open.

Making Sure Our Clients Feel Safe!

No matter how well your business runs, there is always room for improvement. Make sure there is enough space between chairs or place shower curtains between chairs. Have masks for clients who do not have one.

Salon/Barbershop/Spa and Suites…Let’s Have Growth

Beauty industry businesses as we open are you looking for new staff?

Professionals are you looking for a new place to work? is your place to locate this information join our website and set up a profile to display your qualifications, your personal experience and special talents .

Our Services

Salon ConnX, LLC., is here for you to connect to our entire industry. As a member your benefits will be connecting with each other along with a link to community, education, information and communication.

Beauty industry businesses, This is the first ever platform to showcase your business, post ads for openings and to be a avenue for information to others in the industry. Your profile will display like an MLS, your business will have a window to show licensed professionals what you have to offer.

Salon ConnX is your window to success.

We are the Salon ConneXion Solution!


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Our Team

No matter where your business is located, we are able to connect you to others in the beauty industry. We are here to help you with any questions you may have about setting up your profile for success! We are dedicated to helping your business grow. Please contact us with any questions or suggestions you may have as Salon ConnX is alway open for suggestions about what you would like to see on our website. Salon ConnX was created with you in mind and we are here for you. 

Ready for a new
Business Adventure?

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This information will help us all, a great written reminder to what we already know.

Salon ConnX, LLC., is here to help as well. Join today if you haven’t already joined. Licensed professionals are always free to join and start conneXting with other licensed professionals and with licensed businesses in our industry to see who has openings for employment and rental space/chairs.

We have added several online educational resources to our site. Including from National Salon Resources, Cosmoprof and SalonCentrics. Sign up and check out what is available on your devices at home to create learning and bonding during this time of COVID-19.

To Join Salon ConnX Now go to the red sign up tab below.


Valuable information go to:

I read through this information from Salon Today, I felt like this is what we do in our business always. But if you are not doing this, the information will help you be prepared to open in the time of COVID-19. So check out the link below.